Are you serious?

Yes. Wait, no. Um. I think it depends on the issue.

Are these serious PhDs? Absolutely not.

Am I serious about the issue of diploma mills and rip-off colleges? Absolutely. You can read about scam colleges under the “serious bizness” tag on the blog.

Will I seriously send you a fake PhD via email or snail mail? Totally.

Why should I buy your fake degrees?

I don’t know. You probably shouldn’t. They’re fake.

How did this get started?

I was chatting with a friend about diploma mills and I commented “it would probably be a poor use of my time to draw PhDs in crayon for everyone we know, wouldn’t it?” Never one to let a poor use of my time slip away, I decided instantly that I wanted to sell fake PhDs and I had the domain registered within minutes.

Do you really send fake degrees in the mail?

If you have an address to send one to and order that service, sure.

Will there be a Fake PhD of the Day every day?

Probably not. I’m terribly undisciplined.

Can I nominate someone for a Fake PhD of the Day?

Sure. Use the contact form or email me at fakedeanofstudents@fakephd.com to nominate someone. Just stick with public figures as much as possible. Steve down in IT might be a total dillhole who deserves a PhD in Dillhole Studies; but, a post about it really isn’t going to be funny unless you happen to know Steve.

Can I nominate my mom for a Fake PhD of the Day?

Not unless your mom is a public figure. Also, this reply really needs a good “your mom” joke.

Do you ever refuse to grant a fake PhD?

Yes. I won’t send one that I think is harassing. I won’t send one that is making fun of mental or physical disabilities. (Seriously… if you’d send someone that, there is something wrong with you.) If something hits me as inordinately mean-spirited, the order will be rejected. All decisions are at my discretion.

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. I (plan to soon)  offer it as a payment option, along with other alt currencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin.

I still have a question!

Sorry about that. Email me at fakedeanofstudents@fakephd.com and I’ll see if I can hunt up an answer for you.